Timo von Eicken 


Timo von Eicken (*1977) born and living in Hamburg, feeling his city a home and source of inspiration. Timo von Eicken studied graphic design and started his career under the pseudonyms Mr. Nonski and Nonski because friends often called him Nono.

His early œuvre was based on strong graphical forms before he more recently turned to figurative painting. Today, his paintings often reflect these different phases making the images both expressive and unique.

Von Eicken produces large collages of acrylic on canvas telling stories full of paradoxes: besides graphical elements human being appears a focuse oft he composition

Grand Opening/Vernissage: 26.09.2019 von 18:00pm - 22:00pm.

Half oft he parking area opposite the gallery shall be reserved for Le Link Gallery, however more parking space is available free of charge along the entrance area.

Exhibition Duration: 26.09.2019 - 10.11.2019.
Opening Hours: Wednesday - Sunday from 12pm -6pm.